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Sara Potter
June 13, 2023 | Sara Potter

ANNOUNCEMENT: We can now ship bourbon!

We are thrilled to announce that we can now ship bourbon to 41 states and Washington D.C.

Unfortunately, we cannot ship to Alabama, Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, Michigan, Mississippi, Oklahoma, South Carolina, and Utah.

A flat rate shipping fee of $20 applies no matter how many bottles are purchased.

Please note: Bourbon is sold on a different platform and is not able to be combined with wine orders.

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ChickenDuck High Rye Bourbon
92 Proof | $42 bottle
Gold – 2023 Ascot Awards

ChickenDuck Wheated Bourbon
92 Proof | $42 bottle
Gold – 2023 Ascot Awards

Bending Branch 1840
Kentucky Straight High Rye Bourbon

108 Proof | $75 bottle
Platinum – 2023 Ascot Awards

Bending Branch 1840
Kentucky Straight 4-Grain Bourbon

Barrel Strength at 109 Proof | $120 bottle
Platinum – 2023 Ascot Awards

A tasting flight of all four bourbons is available for $18 at the Bending Branch Estate tasting room. Open noon to 6 p.m. daily

Bourbon bottles are available for purchase Monday through Saturday at the tasting room. (By law, we cannot sell bourbon bottles on Sunday.)

Bourbon cocktails are now served out of the bourbon wagon at Bending Branch every Saturday and Sunday!

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Jennifer Cernosek
June 7, 2023 | Jennifer Cernosek

Bending Branch Estate Vineyard Update

Crimson Cabernet

The Bending Branch Estate Crimson Cabernet vineyard was planted in 2019. Crimson Cabernet is a genetic cross of Cabernet Sauvignon and Norton. Along with being Pierce’s Disease tolerant, this grape variety is also cold hardy because of the Norton component. Norton is thought by many to be the best non-Vitis Vinifera American red grape variety.

While we intend to craft red wine from this vineyard, we elected to make a rosé from the first harvest, which took place on August 20, 2022. The wine was recently bottled, and it is a knockout. The limited bottling will first be available to customers who adopted vines in the vineyard (vine parents).

Today, the vineyard team led by Melvin Mendez, has been working on thinning and opening the canopy. With the recent consistent rain showers, it’s important to optimize the air circulation around the leaves and grape clusters. This also allows the organic compounds that are sprayed in the vineyard to be more effective. Right now we’re being proactive about preventing fungus and black rot.

Also, the chickens are active in the vineyard taking care of pests. In a few weeks, netting will go over the vines to attempt to detract birds and raccoons from eating all of the fruit.

Camminare Noir

Meanwhile, our new block of Camminare Noir vines are blossoming in their grow tubes. The vines had been on order for roughly five years before they finally arrived. We planted 800 of the 1200 vines that were expected. Now the remaining 400 should arrive next year.

Of the grape varieties available that have proven to be resistant to Pierce’s Disease, this one was selected because it has characteristics of two of Executive Winemaker Dr. Bob Young’s favorite grape varieties: Cabernet Sauvignon and Petite Sirah. It is 94% Vitis Vinifera and is a Walker clone.

Whitehall Lane in Napa is known for producing outstanding Cabernet Sauvignon wines, and their bottling of 2019 Camminare Noir is luscious. Tasting this wine further enforced the decision to plant Camminare Noir at Bending Branch Estate Vineyard.

June 23 Crimson Cabernet Update:

Veraison is taking place in the Estate Crimson Cabernet vineyard. Veraison is the onset of grape ripening -- when the grapes begin to turn from green to red/purple. We generally expect that harvest will take place about six weeks from the start of veraison.

This morning, bird netting was installed. As the grapes change color and sweeten, the birds become very interested in them. In the original vineyard at Bending Branch, the first grape variety to begin veraison in 2011 was Tempranillo. The word tempranillo translates to “little early one,” which references its early ripening. From the start of veraison to the next day, the entire lot of grapes disappeared thanks to the birds. So it is no surprise that the vineyard team was quick to net the Crimson Cabernet vines today.

Another factor the Crimson Cabernet vines have been facing is extreme heat. There is a reduction in vine photosynthesis, and the sugar accumulation slows during ripening when the heat is excessive. In fact, over 100 degrees, photosynthesis in the vines shuts down. These factors can create challenges in phenolic ripeness development.

Last year, vine parents and staff harvested Crimson Cabernet for a knockout rosé. Only 22 cases were produced. We are expecting a larger harvest this year and are still determining if the grapes are destined to make another rosé or a bold red wine. Vine parents and friends: Be on the lookout for this year’s harvest information around the start of August.

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